At the Surf Dojo, we use a number of different training tools and techniques to help you become a better surfer.

Speed up your learning curve not by practicing more but by learning to be more efficient with your training time.

Video Analysis

Video analysis allows us to visually show you how to improve your surfing.

Our coaches will film your surfing and skill training session and they can instantly go through each of your maneuvers in detail.

Slow motion replay and split screen comparisons let our coaches clearly identify problem areas, and how to fix them, using the appropriate tools and techniques.

Split Screen Analysis

We use an innovative software program to analyze your surfing and compare it with some of the world’s best.

Coaches can show you the difference between your cutback and that of pro surfers of your choice, and talk you through how to make the two more alike.

Your coach can also create a take-home presentation that includes a compilation of your surfing footage with split screen comparisons, digital pencil drawings and audio commentary.

Carving clinic

We designed a wave that allows surfers to perform

  • 18 maneuvers in a minute
  • 180 maneuvers in 10 minutes
  • 1000 maneuvers in an hour

Only a few feet away from our coach, making it possible to correct your technique as you go.

It allows surfers to build muscle memory through surfskate.

Train whenever, night and day, even when the surf is blown out or flat – coaching made perfect.

Aerial Awareness

Our trampoline sessions focus on rider awareness in the air, as well as the development of tricks, landings and agility.

Trainees are able to better simulate tricks and get comfortable with spinning and landing with a board on their feet.

Part of learning any new spin is practicing it enough so that you get what we call ‘aerial awareness’ and you’re able to know exactly where you are in the air.

Over time, and after performing the trick repeatedly, your mind will start to become clearer while executing the trick. You’ll notice that your body is used to spotting the landing and you’ll find that you’ll spot the landing earlier and earlier and you’ll feel like you have more time to do grabs in the air.

You will learn to

  • Slow time down
  • Learn to speed up and slow down your rotations
  • Speed up the learning curve

Aerial refining

Aerials are where the progression in surfing will come from, and Surf Dojo will make it happen that much faster.

Incorporating techniques from sports like skating or snowboarding, our foam pits are constructed to improve surfer’s aerial moves training in a safe environment, maximizing their air awareness.

Surf Dojo coaching sessions by pro skaters and the cross-disciplinary approach will advance your skill level and speed up your learning curve in a way you have never seen before.

Surf Dojo gives you the opportunity to spend more time in the air and repeatedly work on the various holds twists and inverts that modern surfing now heavily incorporates.

You will be able to make hundreds of aerial maneuvers per hour with instant coaching, and have the ability to replay so you can have instant feedback.

Practice your aerial maneuvers in the Surf Dojo, replicate them in free surfs, and then later in competitions.




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