Surf Dojo is not just for elite surfers – it is for any surfer who wants to speed up the pace at which they are improving their surfing skills.

If you are motivated to become a better surfer faster, we have the best tools and coaching programs available to help make your goal a reality.
The Surf Dojo was designed to use the most efficient tools available to increase athletes’ learning curves. It features state of the art education facilities, a surf specific gymnasium, pump track, Carving bowl, Trampoline station, aerial ramp, social media lab, and auditorium.This surf camp is located just a few miles from some of Panama’s best surf breaks.
Coaching programs are held year round at the Surf Dojo and cater to a wide variety of age groups and ability levels for recreational and competitive surfers alike.

Participants have access to world class surf coaches and the Surf Dojo’s cutting edge services including surf sessions with video analysis, carving sessions on our specifically designed carving ramp, aerial awareness sessions with our trampoline stations and aerial ramp, plus strength training.
The Surf Dojo is also home to the Discovery Surfing Talents and PSA Panamanian Surfing Association High Performance Program, which caters to some of the countries very best athletes. 
The High Performance Program ensures our best surfers have every available resource to help them achieve their goals on the world stage, helping Panama secure a dominant place among surfing nations.
The Surf Dojo’s facilities also make it the perfect venue for corporate functions and any sporting team that wishes to utilize the center.

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